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August 2, 2013
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Worked for over a month on this ref, but finally it's done! A new ref sheet for my most favourite child! <3 Enjoy!

Send me a note if you want to know the password. *winks*

How did I get him?
I won him on ClubMTT's 12th adoption round

Humanoid form: Sniper - Humanoid Reference by Kesyu

"Life has a wierd sense of humor..." /Sniper/

Name: Sniper Evans (not his original surname)
Nicknames: Snipes, Nips
Age: 25 (15th September)
Gender: Male
Species: MTT
Hometown: Junction City
Occupation: A.S.P - Field Department
-Childhood: Lower-Middle class
-Now: Upper-Middle class
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Saliva: Cantaloupe
Accessories: Three silver piercing in right ear, two in left ear + a crosshair earring, silver necklace
-Food: Fried chicken
-Drink: Lemonade, Milk
-Dessert: Cheese cake
-Season: Spring
-Colour: Green

- Mother: no reference
- Father: no reference
- Older sister: no reference
- Half brother: Artisan Riffle

Mate: Onyx Ide
G. Sniper + Onyx Icons by AltarDragon

Best friends:
- JuryRig
- Kerosene Vachre
- Puck

- Bugatti Veyron (A.S.P. co-worker, became friends after Nips saved Bugatti's life)
- Cryptic Whitby
- Karaoke (former co-worker, became friends after working on the same programming project)
- Astvan (No.1 wingman and drinking buddy, met when Sniper had a pool accident, Astvan gave him first aid)
- Bon & Rave (met in a mall after Sniper found the on the loose Rave)
- Sammy (stargazer buddy, Sammy just bumped into Sniper one night)
- Pond McArthur
- Vendetta Barison & Sodapop Leon (met in the A.S.P. canteen)
- Spoons Barclay
- Grisaille Dufour
- Meadow Tamperhill
- Drake (co-worker, sniper-buddy)
- Nitrogen Seipnir (Met at a bar, Nitro is co-worker)
- Grawlix
- Cobalt

- James Geranium

Extended Biography

He was born in the outskirts of Junction City. He had a sad childhood. His parents were arguing quite often, and it was not a secret, that his one and only older sister was the favourite child. Sniper however ignored this fact, he loved his sister the most, and did whatever she asked.

In primary school he was often being hurt, not phisically, but mentally. He had friends, but never managed to gain a true-true friend. Despite of the mental hurts, he finished primary with excellent grades.

His parents got divorced when he was 10, so he stayed with his mother. His sister moved to Moscow not long after the divorce, so Sniper was left alone with his mother. At the age of 16, his good relationship with his mother was in ruins because of his rakish lifestyle, so he moved to his father. His relationship with his mother became more colder because of this, and is even colder since then. His beloved sister also became cold towards him for leaving their mother, and because she hates their father, blaming him for the divorce. In the first few years after moving out, Sniper tried to make peace with both of his mother and sister, but it didn't break the ice, his sister even got married, but haven't invited him to the wedding. He eventually gave up, and focused on his dad only.

High school was just like primary, except that he received less mental hurting, and had more friends. He also got in love with Cain Swanson. Although this love was (seemingly) one-sided, it lasted for 2 years, and ended up with his abusement by Cain and his gang. After he moved to his dad (when he was in 10th grade), he became depressed because of how hostile his mother and sister became. He let himself go, his grades became worse, he even got into a bad company, and those few friends who he had started to avoid him. His father was so worried about him, that he sent Sniper to a recovery center for a month when summer began. It wasn't so effective, but it did helped a bit: he became a bit more happier, and started to cure out of depression. This was the point, when he started to accept, that now his father is the only family member he had. He began to regain friendship with his school friends, and few years later he finished high school with excellent grades. After this, he moved downtown to start university, to become a programmer. He shares an apartment with his pet guinea pig since then.

Moving to downtown was also the beginning of his new life. He changed his lastname to Evans, and one year before his graduation, he joined the A.S.P.’s Field Department due to his protective personality (last but not least because of his gun obsession), but continued studying during the training. He's now working as a support sniper at A.S.P. for 1 year, and he also graduated sucessfully. He often takes programming jobs when he has some free time. His father supports him, whenever he can, and Sniper visits him as often as he can.

Sniper again got in touch with his mother, they meet, whenever he makes a visit in the outskirts, but he never told his mother, that he joined A.S.P, because his mother is probably Cult-aligned. She thinks that Sniper works as a programmer.


-He's lazy, doesn't like to do the housework, and can sleep 12 hours straight. He has to strain himself to begin something, but when he starts it, he's extremely precise, he does it with his best.
-He's quite hot headed, can easily be irritated, especially when he tries to explain something to someone, and have to repeat himself too much.
-In love, he's amazingly devoted, and can easily fall in love.
-He's quite disorganized, have to write everything down or he'll forgets. He sometimes even forgets his own age. Birthday dates are his worst enemy.
-He opens up easily for new people, he likes to chatter, and can easily fit in any company. He also loves to see new things, new places, whenever he has the chance, he travels to new places.
-He has a kind heart, he helps people whenever he can, even if it's the smallest thing. He also joined A.S.P. due to this attribute of him.

Fun facts:
-He's obsessed with guns. His favourites are sniper rifles. At work, he works with long-distance stun gun, which is technically a non-lethal sniper rifle.
-While on a mission, to stay perfectly invisible at night, he puts on black makeup on his visible, bright markings, and wears a black helmet.
-Sometimes he wants to say something so fast and suddenly, that only babbling leaves his mouth.
-He has pet guinea pig called Mr. Mumble.
-He rarely drinks, usually when in parties, but when does, he gets drunk easily. When drunk, he becomes goofy.
-He has a strange grudge towards Yols, because in high school he was abused by a gang of Yols in front of the whole school.
-He never pitches his ears forwards, he thinks he looks funny that way. In rare cases it might happen though.
-He loves mountains and seas.
-He loves swimming, probably was a fish in his previous life.
-Hiccups from too spicy foods.
-He has a light aichmophobia. He's incredibly afraid from knives when someone else is holding one against him, even if the one who's holding the knife doesn't intent to hurt him. He's simply afraid of being stabbed if he or the one who's holding the knife makes a wrong move.

15th September, 2132 - Hatches (According to the sources, the current year in the headworld is 2157, correct me if I'm wrong...)
Age 1.5 - Transforms to his humanoid form for the first time
Age 10 - Parents got divorce, stays with mother
Age 13 - Sister moves to Moscow, stays alone with mother
Age 16 - Moves to his father, relationship with mother becomes cold
Age 17
- School year: Gets depressed, begins to hang out with a bunch of vandals, grades get worse, begins to smoke.
- Summer time: Dad sends him to a recovery center, cures out of depression, quits smoking.
Age 18 - Finishes High School
Age 21 - Joins ASP
Age 22 - Finishes University
Age 23 - ASP training ends, officially becomes a member of ASP
Age 25 (year 2157)
*Still happening*

Theme songs:
Naruto Shippuden - Samidare
Linkin Park- Pretend to be

MTTs (c) annicron
Design (c) Jeep-The-Dragon
Art and Sniper (c) Kesyu

MTTs are closed species, please do not make your own without annicron's permission! Thank you!
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